EduVille: Gameplay and A Little Story Behind It (REPORT)

So, on my last post, I’ve already told you about what EduVille is and the purpose of creating EduVille for children. Now, I am going to share the process of creating EduVille from scratch, how the actual game looks like and how to play it.

Just a brief recap, EduVille is a game for kindergarten children that was created by me and my project partner, Enrico, in order to pass one of the subjects we take in our university which is Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction.


Since our target audience is kindergarten children, we want to make a simple yet challenging game for them to play and learn. We chose the topic of barn animals since we believe most children have a huge interest in animals and it would be very useful to teach them general knowledge about animals since people will always live side by side with animals.

We want to keep the visual of the game colorful and interesting so the children will not get bored along the way. We also stick with the idea of creating a game based on drag and drop concept because we do not want the game to be too complicated for them to play.


During the making process, Both Enrico and I did the back-end and front-end development. However, I was more focused on the front-end development while Enrico focused on the back-end development.

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